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What is the Idiolect Layer

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    Successful human conversations go beyond content. We utilize many stylistic factors along with the words themselves to get the conversation going as the parties desire.

    The current generation of conversational agents mostly focuses on the content aspects of both understanding and articulation.We extend the understanding and articulation loop to incorporate the style factor in our voice bot.

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    What is Idiolect

    Idiolect is formally explained as `speech habits peculiar to a particular person.` While communicating, we use our understanding of these habits and patterns to derive an appropriate style along with content, which then goes out as our response.

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    Idiolect engine

    Our engine understands various aspects of a caller's idiolect in real-time, including many named factors like age, gender, etc. and latent factors along with the regular lexical components needed for regular Spoken Language Understanding (SLU). This understanding, along with the semantics collected from SLU, helps in generating a response that is more natural as compared to what a plain SLU loop is capable of.

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    The Idiolect Layer allows VIVA to create a unique customer profile in real-time based on an individual's speech attributes (Age, vocals, gender, eagerness, dialect, pace, etc.). This rich understanding, in turn, helps VIVA personalize communication by adjusting its response, tone, and speech patterns while engaging with a customer. It allows businesses to now be able to deliver a better customer experience via Voice AI to the end customer and also offers higher CSAT scores.