The Vernacular Intelligent Voice Assistant that understands you and talks to you

Rich audio, multilingual support & natural conversations

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    Banking FAQ Handling (English)
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    Address change request (US English)
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    Air Conditioner Installation (Hindi)
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    Policy Renewal and Collection (Bahasa)
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Made to fit the needs of your customers.

Integrate voice & conversational intelligence into your products through an independent platform that is always learning.

  • Multilingual speech recognitionSupports 10 Indian languages Trained over 0.1M hours of speech data
  • Streaming and synchronous cognitionAnalyses conversations for both online and offline use cases
  • Context & Intent identifcationVIVA Identifies the real meaning of the user's speech input as per your domain
  • Speaker characteristicsUnderstand your user better than ever before, enabling hyper-personalization of all calls
For your enterprise

Tech that suits your business needs

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    Functional 24/ 7

    VIVA can function effectively and efficiently round the clock ensuring every inbound query is resolved quickly

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    Natural conversations

    A conversation design framework to engage with users. Has a human-like conversation, unlike most FAQ bots.

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    Scalable tech

    VIVA can handle scale with ease, it can simultaneously attend to any number of calls. Faster resolution for the user

The technology

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Contextual Conversation Clustering (C3)


Conversation Monitoring


Automated Speech Recognition


Idiolectic Layer