Conversational Voice AI solution for Auto-Finance Collections

Help consumers prevent delinquency and improve your collection rates with unlimited, simultaneous outbound calls handled by’s AI-powered Digital Collection Bot.

What Is Conversational Voice AI?

Conversational Voice AI is a technology that handles human-like voice conversations.’s industry-tailored solution reminds consumers of pending balances and collects payments without any human intervention needed.

Power of Conversational Voice AI

Transform Auto Loan Collections’s Digital Voice Agent can handle thousands of simultaneous calls, intelligently interacting with consumers to remind them of the payment due date, providing payment options, resolving queries, and forwarding complex queries to a human agent.

The application is fully compliant with industry regulations and can be easily integrated with your CRM, payment gateways, and SMS solutions.

How Voice AI Solves Challenges
Why Automate with’s Voice AI Solution

End-to-end inbound & outbound call automation

Improved collection rates

100% portfolio coverage

Handle call spikes with ease

Reduce dependency on live agents

On time, persistent reminders and follow-ups

100% compliant with laws and regulations

Augment agent productivity and bandwidth

What You Can Use’s Solution for
Payment Reminders

Reminds consumers of their upcoming payment due date and the amount to avoid payment defaults and incurring penalty charges.

DPD Collections

Connects with delinquent accounts for on-call payment. Conversates to capture payment propensity and offer payment options, schedules call-backs and persistent follow-ups.

AutoPay Authorization

Assists consumers with on-call AutoPay enrollment, guiding them to fill out the application form and capturing consent for monthly, automatic payments.

The Benefits of Adopting Voice AI

  • Expedite collections from delinquent accounts

    Instantly trigger accurate and frequent calls to every account on your portfolio to prevent delinquencies and expedite the collection cycle.

  • Reduce cost of DPD collections (DPD 0-90+)

    Complete your collection campaigns at less than 1/5th of the cost.’s solution can help you automate a significant portion of calls without any human intervention required.

  • Improve agent productivity

    Automate the most simple and repetitive collection calls, empowering your agents to handle more complex calls and tasks.

  • Minimize payment default rates & charge-offs

    Once deployed, our voicebot will help the consumers pay on time, prevent delinquencies and even help them reschedule their payments so they can manage to pay. This helps the company and the consumer prevent delinquencies and charge-offs that profit no one.

Business Outcomes

We deliver tangible results within weeks. Here are the success rates we’ve achieved with our current clients:
Up to 0
Reduction in agent cost
Over 0
ROI achieved
Get 0
Faster collection rate

We chose for its robust technology and understanding of the debt collections space, and we were equally impressed with how responsive and easy to work with the team was. - Dean Stibbs (Director of Information Technology)

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