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We are redefining customer experience with efficient and accurate customer service practices powered by our purpose-built Conversational AI technology. We believe our technology is only as good as our people and aim to provide a workplace that helps you own and create.

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Our Values

We are driven by four key values that shape the foundation of our company culture and DNA.

Always strive for excellence.

We define excellence and encourage each other to produce the best possible output within the constraints.

Be a learning organization.

We commit to offering our team members opportunities to innovate, learn and acquire new skills every day, from everything they do.

Client first.

We start with our client’s goals in mind, regardless of the role. We focus on our client’s success while acting as stewards of Skit.ai.

Disagree and commit.

We believe that conflict, discussion and debate are healthy. Ideas win and not the loudest person in the room or the highest title.

Diversity & Inclusion

From the very beginning, we have been laser-focused on cultivating a work environment that embraces and respects diversity. As we expand into different geographies, a diverse and inclusive work environment becomes even more important to cater to the needs of our team members and clients alike.

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Life at Skit.ai

Skit.ai is home to self-starters, curious, ambitious, and happy souls! To let these traits thrive, we support several initiatives to help create a positive and supportive work environment.

Our Slack channels, offline groups, and committees keep our teams united, whether we work on-site or remotely!

Employee Perks and Benefits

Flexible Working Hours

We provide the flexibility to choose your own working hours and balance your work and personal life.

Generous Leave Policy

We have a generous personal time off policy and adhere to regional paternity and maternity leave practices.

Savings Plan

To help you invest in your future, we offer retirement savings plans based on the best regional practices around the world.

Healthcare Plan

Skit covers most of the medical, dental, and vision plan costs for you and your dependents.

Learning & Development

We invest time in creating continuous L&D programs including trainings, workshops, and hackathons.

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Equal opportunity for all

Our very first company value is ‘Always strive for excellence and to achieve this we need the best people who are identified from a broad pool of applicants strictly based on merit. We encourage applications from all and abhor any sort of discrimination.


As you get ready to start your journey with Skit, find answers to
frequently asked questions about our hiring process.

How long does the whole interview process usually take?

The end-to-end interview process takes 3-4 weeks on average, from the day you first speak to us to you coming onsite for an interview. If there is an urgency in your job search situation, we recommend you let us know so that we can try to speed things up for you.

I am a recent graduate, will I be considered?

We love recent graduates! In fact, Skit.ai is the first full-time job for many of us here. When interviewing recent graduates, we look more at your attitude, passion, and potential. Tell us about your internship experiences and your journey building pet projects; we love hearing those.

If I was rejected before, can I re-apply?

Of course, you can! However, for engineering roles, we ask that you wait a year before re-applying so that you gain additional experience in the meantime.

What is the company structure?

We structure ourselves into strategy teams, technical teams, and functional teams. We have function leads to ensure that projects run smoothly, and managers to ensure that our teams are happy.

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