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Augmented Voice Intelligence for Consumer Durables

Delivering Measurable Business Outcomes
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Automation of Your Customer Support Efforts
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Reduction in Operational Costs
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Customer Satisfaction Scores
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Reduction in Average Handle Time

Give Customers Round-The-Clock Support

Provide 24×7 personalized customer support with the speed and convenience your customers expect. Automate frequent requests and give your human agents the time needed to nurture customer relationships. Where human intervention is needed, use intelligent call routing for smooth handovers, effortless escalations and seamless customer journeys.

Automate Scheduling Across The Customer Lifecycle

From setting up a demo in the evaluation stage, to scheduling their preferred timing for delivery and installation, to regular service appointments, customers can make and modify appointments with Skit’s Digital Voice Agent. With these tier 1 calls automated, agents can use their time perfecting their pitch, building customer relationships and planning the right upsell motions.

Put Renewals And Retention On Autopilot

With Skit’s Digital Voice Agent, set up a robust renewal and service reminder schedule so that customers can stay on top of their annual maintenance contracts (AMC). Delight your customers with proactive outreach, and see a significant uptick in overall revenue by leveraging Voice AI for your customer retention efforts.

Grow Your Business
with Voice AI

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Faster Resolution and Turnaround Times

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Cost Optimization

Tailor-Made Solutions for Consumer Durables

Lead Generation And Qualification

Document / Data Collection & Verification

Scheduling Demos / Delivery / Installation / Service

Customer Support And Troubleshooting

Service Compliance

Proactive Outreach And Reminders


Customer Feedback

The ability to connect with Axis Bank's core technology is complex and therefore we wanted a partner who is willing to be agile, flexible to work with us and develop this product to suit our environment.

Contact Center Modernization. Augmented by Voice AI.

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