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Take the Collection Leap with our Generative AI-powered Multichannel Communication Solution

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A Frictionless Collection Experience

Skit.ai’s Conversational AI solution enables seamless integration, enabling consumers to transition between channels without losing context and delivering a unified experience. Our self-service options through Voice AI and other channels enable consumers to access account information, make payments, or set up payment plans.

Multichannel Collections Conversation Solution powered by Generative AI enhances customer engagement, improves collection efficiency, and provides a more personalized and responsive collection experience while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Skit.ai’s Conversational AI solution enables consumers to engage via multiple channels without ever losing context, giving superior consumer experience.

Voice Automation

Voice AI enables collection agencies and creditors to automate entire collection campaigns from end to end, initiating thousands of outbound calls to consumers within minutes and offering inbound support 24/7. The solution handles multiple turns of two-way conversations intelligently and efficiently, transferring the call to a live agent when needed or requested, processing payments, and offering settlements or payment plans, solves every major collection challenge simultaneously, from scalability to cost savings, from account penetration to right-party contact (RPC) rates.

Elevate Collections with Our Email, SMS and Chat Assistants

Our suite of assistants are engineered to go beyond simple interactions.They go beyond mere dispatch of messages. Imagine a service that not only responds in real-time but also provides detailed information, facilitates payments with ease, and can even arrange for a personal call with agents at your convenience. 

This strategic timing capability of our Assistants are designed to significantly enhance your payment collection process. Choose the intensity of engagement with a complete range of channels to maximize collections.

Faster, Convenient, and Compliant Multichannel Collections
Solutions for Better Consumer Experiences

Unified Collection Efforts

Optimized Outreach Strategies

Configurable Engagement Intensity

Enhanced CX

Maximize Connectivity

Accelerate Collections

Skit.ai's technology has proved very effective, breaking even very early and moving beyond it. Their platform smoothly integrated with our payment gateways effortlessly handled high call volumes, and adhered strictly to compliance standards. Furthermore, the improvements in collections also testify that consumers have begun to prefer conversing with Skit.ai's Voice AI solution and are becoming habitual in making on-call payments. This is the right step in improving consumer experience as we can now reach them at the right time, with the right message, and make their repayment journey more pleasant.

Collection Experiences, Augmented by Conversational AI

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