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Personalize shopper journeys, improve customer loyalty and drive revenue

With Augmented Voice Intelligence for Retail and eCommerce

Delivering Measurable Business Outcomes
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Automation of Your Customer Support Efforts
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Reduction in Operational Costs
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Customer Satisfaction Scores
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Reduction in Average Handle Time

Craft unique online and offline shopper journeys

Enable better product research for your customers by helping them get to product and store information faster. Automate store location checks and product availability across your stores. Seamlessly bridge e-commerce and in-store experiences via personalized offers and recommendations, driving conversions and customer loyalty.

Guide customers towards faster purchases

Speed up the purchase decision, reduce friction and add value to the shopper journey with a strong voice support channel. Augment services such as try-before-you-buy and click-and-collect with timely communication at scale. Anticipate points of customer hesitation and offer personalized nudges towards making the purchase.

Provide seamless and waitless support

With Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agents handling FAQ such as order status or returns management, improve call center efficiency and reduce costs. Help customers resolve these queries faster, enabling them to continue on their shopper journey. Capture customer feedback on the shopping experience as well as your products and services.

Grow Your Business
with Voice AI

Higher Self-Service Rates

Higher Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Higher Revenue

Lower Average Costs and Contacts Per Order

Tailor-Made Solutions for Retail and E-Commerce

Account Management and Loyalty

Order and Delivery Management

Billing and Payments

Return and Refund Management

Abandoned Cart Rescue

Product and Store Information

Personalized Promotions and Offers

Customer Support and Feedback

The ability to connect with Axis Bank's core technology is complex and therefore we wanted a partner who is willing to be agile, flexible to work with us and develop this product to suit our environment.

Contact Center Modernization. Augmented by Voice AI.

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