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Make the Most out of Every Voice Conversation

The #1 way for your customers to have personalized, empathetic and proactive conversations with your contact centers.

25% said that long phone call hold times are the most annoying part of dealing with customer service


The way your customers engage with
your brand has fundamentally changed.
Not One-Size-Fits-All
Not Insensitive
Not Reactive

Today customers are in control.
We are all in the customer experience business

Augmented Voice AI for Elevated CX

Purpose-built Voice AI Platform For Your Unique Business Needs

Skit’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform is the foundation that helps you unlock the business value of customer support to deliver engaging experiences in real time.

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Get up and running fast with pre-built applications

Once you’ve selected Skit, it’s time to focus on going live. With our technology and expertise, develop custom voice applications with better functionality at greater speed.

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Technology designed to support your voice conversations

From speech recognition and spoken language understanding to text-to-speech and dialog management, we build on an adaptable architecture that enables us to continually expand our Voice AI platform.

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Solving industry-specific problems with vertical Voice AI

Benefit from the combined power of Augmented Intelligence and domain expertise. ​​Resolve your unique industry problems with a full-stack fully-integrated voice AI solution.

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