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Help your customers engage actively with customer support, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Bias for Resolution | 24/7 Support | Increased CSAT

Show customers that you care

Give customers the power of self-service by automating repetitive queries. Do away with hold times and complex IVR trees, and optimize for first contact resolution without human intervention. With Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agent, provide round-the-clock support that is proactive, empathetic and personalized, at scale. Deliver delightful customer experience for higher customer lifetime value, at remarkably lower costs.

Increase agent productivity

Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agent resolves tier 1 queries end-to-end, so agents can focus on more complex problems. Build relationships with customers by intelligently routing calls to agents best suited to handle them, and prepare your agents with more context than ever before. Scale up for seasonal surges and handle hundreds of concurrent calls, without having to strain or expand your agent workforce.

Proactive outreach

Keep customers informed about order, account and service status by automating high-volume reminders and updates. Anticipate and address customer issues and leverage deep customer insights to personalize these conversations. Manage customer expectations and experience more efficiently and at lower costs, with Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agent.

Solutions for Faster Collections
and Better Consumer Experiences

Automated FAQ Handling

User / Service Authentication

Data Collection and Enrichment

Intelligent Call Routing

Automated Scheduling and Reservations

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Skit.ai's technology has proved very effective, breaking even very early and moving beyond it. Their platform smoothly integrated with our payment gateways effortlessly handled high call volumes, and adhered strictly to compliance standards. Furthermore, the improvements in collections also testify that consumers have begun to prefer conversing with Skit.ai's Voice AI solution and are becoming habitual in making on-call payments. This is the right step in improving consumer experience as we can now reach them at the right time, with the right message, and make their repayment journey more pleasant.

Collection Experiences, Augmented by Conversational AI

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