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Grow Your Topline with Augmented Voice Intelligence

Leverage Voice AI to automate and augment calls aimed at customer acquisition and repeat sales.

Faster Outreach | Better Engagement | Higher Revenue | Lower Costs

Grow revenue

Make timely customer outreach a part of your sales strategy, from qualifying and nurturing leads to upselling to existing customers. Automate these flows for better process efficiency, lower costs and higher customer responsiveness. Boost revenue through effective campaigns across the customer journey—be it payments, cart abandonment, or personalized promotions.

Scale effortlessly

Perform high-volume outbound calling effectively, with Skit.ai’s elastic Voice AI solution. Scale up the number and frequency of concurrent calls—payment reminders or instant lead qualification, for example—without having to strain or expand your agent workforce, or incurring overheads. With AI, speed up your voice-led sales processes for faster results and continuous improvement.

Scale support in tandem with new products

An important aspect that businesses need to account for when launching new products, services or verticals is establishing communication channels for these new entities. Be it promotional outreach or customer support, Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agent is capable of handling thousands of concurrent calls, allowing you to scale up effortlessly.

Solutions for Customer
Acquisition and Retention

Lead Qualification

Onboarding and Verification

Customer Data and Document Collection

Billing and Payment Reminders

Service Reminders

Personalized Upsell / Cross-sell

The ability to connect with Axis Bank's core technology is complex and therefore we wanted a partner who is willing to be agile, flexible to work with us and develop this product to suit our environment.

Collection Experiences, Augmented by Conversational AI

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