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Deliver simplified, swift and intelligent financial experiences

Augmented Voice Intelligence for Banking and Finance

Delivering Measurable Business Outcomes
Annualized Cost Savings
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Reduction in Operational Costs
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Increase in IVR Call Containment
Decrease in AHT
Resolution Rate

Put the customer first

Provide 24×7 personalized customer support with the speed and convenience your customers expect when dealing with their finances. Automate frequent requests and give your human agents the time needed to nurture customer relationships. Where human intervention is needed, use intelligent call routing for smooth handovers, effortless escalations and seamless customer journeys.

Scale support in tandem with your products

An important aspect that businesses need to account for when launching new products, services or verticals is establishing communication channels for these new entities. Be it promotional outreach or customer support, Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agent is capable of handling thousands of concurrent calls, allowing you to scale up effortlessly.

Ensure security and data privacy

Keep customer data securely encrypted and maintain confidentiality. With Skit.ai, you are guaranteed enterprise-grade security, compliance and adherence to privacy requirements. Skit.ai is SOC, PCI, and GDPR compliant.

Grow Your Business
with Voice AI

Round the Clock Customer Support

Faster Resolution and Turnaround Times

Increase in Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Cost Optimization

Tailor-Made Solutions for Banking and Finance

Instant Lead Qualification

User Verification and Onboarding

Customer Support and Call Routing

Account / Cards / Portfolio Management

Renewal and Payment Reminders

Personalized Banking, Upsells and Cross-sells

Proactive Outreach

Feedback and Voice of the Customer

We went ahead with Skit.ai for this solution as we found them best suited to solve for the diverse multilingual audience we serve and a dynamic team to partner with for the long term.

Contact Center Modernization. Augmented by Voice AI.

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