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We help enterprises around the world augment their CX

At Skit.ai our intention is simple—help redefine customer experience with efficient and accurate customer service practices. We create a customer service engine that leverages the combined power of human agents + our purpose-built voice AI technology. This leads to the three-fold benefit of customer delight, enhanced agent productivity and improved business outcomes.

Why Us?

Our Story

Our co-founders Sourabh Gupta and Akshay Deshraj started Skit.ai in 2016 with a mission to simplify the experience of connecting with contact centers. We believe that the future is voice-first and our vision is to enable customer service organizations across the world with our sophisticated, differentiated and unique voice technology. Like all great visions, ours too is supported by a great team of people spread across geographies but bound together by our values in the pursuit of following through on this commitment.

The power of voice technology has helped us push boundaries and understand more than just the text from speech utterances. Using our proprietary speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and paralinguistic models we are able to provide personalized voice responses for diverse users. Our Voice AI technology has been adopted by some of the leading companies across industries and we’re just getting started.

Our Values

Going beyond being a mere framework, our values are the key to achieve our goals as a business. They hold our team together, creating a collaborative culture and forming the base of our shared vision.

Always Strive
for Excellence

Be a Learning

Client First

Disagree and

Collection Experiences, Augmented by Conversational AI

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