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The Skit.ai Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform

Conversational Voice AI for Debt Collections

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" Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agent is performing as well as our average collector on the floor. We’ve been telling our peers in the industry that Skit.ai is one of the best ideas we’ve implemented at American Finance to date.”

Mike Hammon, Director of Collections at American Finance

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What is Augmented Voice Intelligence?

Augmented Voice Intelligence is the new paradigm of expanding your workforce to combine the power of human and machine intelligence. Augmented Voice Intelligence is collaborative in nature—a seamless partnership to benefit both customers and businesses. Empower your team members to deliver exceptional customer experience by collaborating with purpose-built Voice AI technology.

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AI-human collaborations for your business

Our Digital Voice Agents handle all tier 1 customer interactions end-to-end and route calls to specialized agents when necessary, enabling your human agents to focus on more complex calls and layered problems.

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Bias for resolution

Provide personalized, empathetic, and proactive customer service with AI as your first line of defense. Take over from our Digital Voice Agents seamlessly where needed, and focus on building customer relationships and nurturing loyalty.

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Proactive customer outreach

Craft great CX with the perfect balance of preemptive, intelligent problem solving and seamless live interactions with a human+machine workforce. Put the customer truly at the center with AI-powered customer service.

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Enterprise-ready Voice AI platform

Full-stack, built-for-purpose, integrated solution to the end customer problem, all the way from the interface to the functionality, models, and data that powers the interface. We ensure enterprise-grade security, compliance, and privacy requirements for our global customers.

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