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Discovering Conversational Voice AI’s Impact on Creditors’ Rights Law Firms

Simone Somekh

February 5, 2024

Debt collection is a notoriously difficult task—and law firms specializing in this field are no exception to that rule.

Creditors’ rights law firms involved in collections frequently face obstacles such as compliance with ever-changing regulations, account penetration, staffing challenges, and the high costs associated with collections. As a consequence, these firms are increasingly looking towards innovative solutions to streamline their operations, making them not only more efficient but also more cost-effective.

The field of legal collections is complex and ever-evolving, and just like other segments of the accounts receivables industry, it’s quickly catching up with technology, particularly the use of artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll explore the use of Conversational Voice AI for legal collections, a booming technology that will likely become an industry standard.

Investing in AI Technologies for Collections and Beyond

Investing in AI technologies is not just a trend—it’s a strategic move that can significantly transform the collections process.

AI-driven solutions like machine learning, natural language processing, and automation have been gaining significant traction among law firms and collections agencies. These technologies are capable of analyzing large datasets to identify trends, predict payment behaviors, and personalize communication strategies.

Most notably, the introduction of Conversational Voice AI has revolutionized the debt collection industry, with Skit.ai emerging as the industry’s leading provider of this type of technology. Voice AI enables organizations to automate phone interactions with consumers, streamlining and accelerating the entire collection process.

This development ushers a new era of efficiency, personalization, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the most common challenges faced by creditors’ rights law firms:

Regulatory Compliance: Law firms and agencies are the most careful and well-informed when it comes to complying with laws and regulations, including the TCPA, FDCPA, and Reg F.

Staffing: Collecting in-house requires hiring and retaining full-time staff, including legal assistants and live transfer agents, which is costly and time-consuming.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing collections to a third-party agency is a common practice, yet it’s an expensive option for law firms.

Call Volume: Maximizing the number of consumers reached, known as account penetration, can be a pain point that some companies end up compromising on, especially when dealing with hundreds of thousands of accounts.

Time and Resources: The last calling attempts before pursuing legal action cost time and resources, including establishing right-party contact (RPC).

What Is Voice AI and How Does It Work?

Conversational Voice AI is a sophisticated technology that simulates human-like conversations with consumers. It combines natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and speech recognition technologies to effectively interact with consumers in a natural-sounding and fluent manner.

Voice AI enables companies to automate thousands of consumer interactions within minutes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional collection call. Collection agencies have been relying on this solution for both outbound and inbound collection calls, successfully cutting costs and accelerating the recovery process.

This technology must not be confused with an IVR system. An IVR forces users to listen to lengthy menus that are mostly irrelevant. Research has consistently shown that IVRs are not popular among consumers. Unlike IVR, an AI-powered solution like Skit.ai handles intelligent, personalized, and effective conversations with consumers, eliminating wait times and cutting costs.

Skit.ai’s solution is fully compliant with all laws and regulations at the federal and state levels related to debt collection, including the TCPA, FCDCPA, and Reg F. Additionally, we also adhere to a stringent data privacy policy.

The adoption of Voice AI is incredibly smooth and efficient. Many of our clients experience a seamless integration, going live with the solution in less than 48 hours. This rapid deployment enables you to start collecting immediately, requiring minimal effort and eliminating the need for specialized IT personnel.

Here’s what one of Skit.ai’s clients has said about us: “Skit.ai’s technology has proved very effective. The platform smoothly integrated with our payment gateways, effortlessly handled high call volumes, and strictly adhered to compliance standards. Consumers have begun to prefer interacting with the Voice AI solution, marking an improvement in the overall consumer experience.”

Are you curious about how Conversational AI can streamline your collection efforts? Use the chat tool below to schedule an appointment with one of our experts!



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