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Year in Review: Skit.ai’s Most Notable Moments in 2023

Simone Somekh

December 13, 2023

It’s a wrap! 2023 has been a fantastic year for Skit.ai. From turning 7 to unveiling a brand new office space in Bangalore, the Skit.ai family had no shortage of notable moments.

Let’s re-live some of our favorite moments from this past year; grab a cup of coffee or tea, and make yourself comfortable as we walk down memory lane.

Generative AI Takes Over Skit.ai’s Voice AI Solution

Between ChatGPT and LLMs, virtually everyone has been talking about integrating artificial intelligence to automate and accelerate countless processes this year.

In May, we announced the incorporation of Generative AI into Skit.ai’s solutions. Thanks to the new advancements in AI, our voicebots now sound more natural and can handle even more complex conversations, leading to better results and enhanced customer experience (CX).

Some of the business outcomes ARM companies can expect with Generative AI:

  • Higher collection and resolution rates
  • Lower agent dependency
  • Ability to create new voicebots quickly
  • Ability to enter new markets at ease

Skit.ai’s Big Win at the International Business Awards

In August, Skit.ai won the Gold Stevie Award for the “Most Innovative Company” at the 20th annual International Business Awards! This award is yet another testament to our company’s quest to develop cutting-edge Conversational AI solutions.

Skit.ai Inaugurates Brand New Office Space in Bangalore

In October, just in time for our company’s 7th anniversary, we inaugurated our new office space in Bangalore. The gorgeous new office, spread across two floors, offers more space for our team members to work and collaborate on our innovative solutions.

Skit.ai Reaches 50 Clients in the U.S. Collections Industry

This year, Skit.ai has had remarkable success in the accounts receivables industry in the U.S., with over 50 organizations already using its conversational Voice AI technology to automate and streamline their recovery strategy. Skit.ai’s Augmented Voice Intelligence platform is the ARM industry’s favorite Voice AI solution thanks to the company’s industry expertise, the easy and fast deployment process, and the ever-evolving technology.

You can learn more about our current clients and their accomplishments on our News page.

Memorable Company Initiatives and Events

Throughout the year, our team members have come together on multiple occasions at company parties, outings, happy hours, a World Cup screening, stand-up comedy acts, potluck dinners, and more. Two highlights of our year were Skit.ai’s 7th-anniversary parties—which took place both in New York and Bangalore—and Hackday 2023, a 24-hour hackathon that saw members from different teams contribute with innovative ideas and add value to our business operations.

Another important initiative that was launched in 2023 was the Employee Exchange Program, which has allowed team members from India and the United States to visit each other and build valuable relationships on a global scale.

We are looking forward to an even more exciting and productive year in 2024!

Hungry for more? Follow our LinkedIn page and stay tuned for many more updates in 2024. Happy New Year!



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