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The Leading Conversational Voice AI Solution for Debt Collections

Transform Collections with a Scalable Team of Digital Agents

Challenges We Solve

Low Collection Rates

High Cost of Collection

Low Agent Productivity

How Does the Digital Collection Agent Work?

Conversational Voice AI enables you to expand your workforce by combining the power of humans and machines. Voice AI handles human-like and context-specific conversations with consumers, empowering your team of agents to handle more complex and revenue-generating calls. Skit.ai’s Digital Collection Agents help boost account penetration, reduce collection costs, establish right-party contact, increase agent productivity, and provide seamless scalability.

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Augmenting Revenue

Conversational Voice AI enables you to achieve 100% account penetration, complete your collection cycles faster thanks to automated right-party and wrong-party contact establishment, and manage a larger portfolio with your current live agent team.

Reducing Costs

Recover debt at a fraction of your current costs. Skit.ai’s Digital Collection Agents reduce your recovery costs while augmenting your agent bandwidth and the work of your live agents, reducing operating expenses (OpEx) by 50%.

Enhancing Scalability

End-to-end call automation enables you to offer 24/7 inbound support to consumers, in addition to triggering unlimited, simultaneous outbound calls.

100% Compliance

The Digital Collection Agent is fully compliant with laws and regulations at the federal and state levels, including Reg F, FDCPA, HIPAA, TCPA, and PCI-DSS, minimizing any potential for litigation. Our compliance-first approach ensures prompt updates as regulations change.

Delivering Measurable Business Outcomes
Up to 150-400
ROI for debt collections
Up to 80
Reduction in agent call cost
Achieve 100
Account penetration

Our Clients

Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agent is performing as well as our average collector on the floor. We’ve been telling our peers in the industry that Skit.ai is one of the best ideas we’ve implemented at American Finance to date.

Dean Stibbs

Director of Information Technology at American Finance

Awards & Recognition

CCW Disruptive Technology of the Year 2022

The International Business Awards

Gold Globee Winner

Gartner Cool Vendor

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