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Automate and Augment Debt Collection with Digital Collection Agents

Transform Collections with a Scalable Team of Digital Agents

Why Automate Debt Collection with Conversational Voice AI?

Reach out to thousands of consumers in minutes

On-time, persistent follow-ups for higher collection

Right-party identification

End-to-end automation

Collectors bandwidth prioritization

Handle sudden spikes in workload

100% compliance on every single call

Visibility and transparency of voice communications

Expedite Collections Received

With Skit.ai’s Digital Voice Agents (DVA) you can handle thousands of concurrent calls, be it outbound or inbound. AI-powered digital agents can reliably reach out to a debtor multiple times at regular intervals, and hold human-like conversations including but not limited to answering FAQs, payment arrangements, honouring validation requests and on-call payment. Digital agent can also set reminders to reach out to debtors at their time of preference.

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Reduce Cost Of Collections

Businesses benefit through an increase in outbound automation and self-service for customers looking to quickly and efficiently resolve debt. Digital Agents not only are economical in terms of operational costs but it also increases productivity of human agents that are handling more complex conversations. Furthermore, Businesses save on hiring, training, retraining, and overhead costs that comes with human resources.

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Improve Agent Productivity

Skit.ai’s DVA can take up all repetitive tier-1 calls off your human agents and free up the bandwidth for more meaningful tasks. The DVA’s instant scaling capability allows you to expand your customer base, portfolio, and revenue. The DVA can identify and verify right-party contact, play legal disclaimers, capture propensity or resistance to pay and push the data to CRM in real time.

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Why Work With Skit?

Purpose-built Voice AI platform for your unique business needs

Enterprise grade security and compliance

“Pay as you go” to suit your business needs

Experience working with BFSI enterprises