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Powerful AI Voice Agent to handle end-to-end Automation

Unlimited supply of your best agents.

Scenarios our Digital Voice Agent can handle

Payment collection
  • Payment negotiation
  • Payment Arrangement
  • On-call payment
On-call payment
  • Through Card on file
  • Payment on call
  • Secure Payment links
Wrong party identification
  • Right-party authentication
  • Flagging of wrong party
  • Ability to handle second-party
Debt dispute handling
  • Capture debt dispute reason
  • Update CRM to trigger downstream work
  • Send digital letters to resolve disputes
Digital validation notice on call
  • Send digital validation letters
  • Take request for physical copy
  • Send documents on secure links
Auto follow-up and callback
  • Take follow-up on scheduled dates
  • Auto call-back for busy customers
  • Punctual and persistent every single time

Listen to our Agent in Action

On call payment

Inbound Call

Debt dispute

Outbound call

Wrong party Identification

Inbound call

Busy user

Outbound call

Follow-up call

Outbound call

Delivering Measurable Business Outcomes
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Faster Collection Campaigns
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Reduction in Cost of Collection
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Intent Accuracy
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